Days of Action in Büchel


July 3-7, 2020, Büchel nuclear weapons base

Dear fellow resisters,

The news is good: Despite Corona and the efforts of local government and the Bundeswehr to prevent our legitimate protest, the action camp in Büchel has begun! Although the traditional campsite meadow near the base will not be available for overnight stay, we can gather on the land next to the main gate during the day. We went to court to defend this right to protest and we won. The Bundeswehr appealed against this decision and lost.

Many of us are staying at the campsite in Pommern or in the meeting house in Kail. All the places are now taken. But if you want to come, there are places to stay in the region – take a look at our list below. If you are dropping by spontaneously, please still register at our infopoint in the action camp. If you need help with finding a place to stay, someone can help you here. We would request that anyone that has not pre-registered come to the infopoint.

We have, of course, given thought to how we can protest best without spreading Corona. Regulations in Rhineland-Palatinate allow outdoor events with up to 250 people, even beer gardens and camping sites have already reopened. Because our protest is more important than ever this year it should take place, despite this extraordinary situation!

We will therefore adhere to social distancing regulations and hygiene rules while taking your individual needs into account. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable in the camp. Our hygiene concept uses affinity groups to do this.

If you’re staying in Kail, remember to bring bedclothes or a sleeping bag and your own pillow.

There is also an information phone which can be reached from 9am till 9pm every day until Tuesday, July 7th: 0157-3532 4009

If you’re arriving by car: parking is very limited at the base. The best place to park is at the industrial area and call the info phone for transport to the base.

Büchel – Preparatory Group

Would you like Germany to be freed of the nuclear threat? Are you looking for an opportunity to express your point of view creatively and publicly with other like-minded people? If so, the days of action organised by IPPNW and ICAN are the right place for you!

US nuclear weapons are deployed in one of the most scenic parts of Germany: in the volcanic Eifel mountains in Rheinland-Palatinate in between craters, maars and a geyser. This area should be enjoyed for its natural beauty. But instead nuclear bombers roar across the region’s skies and German soldiers are trained in the use of weapons of mass destruction.

This is why we are gathering from July 3 to 7, 2020, to voice our protest loud and clear through actions, workshops, music and dance. We want to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons on July 7, since it is likely that the treaty will come into force this year.

This year is also the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As politically committed and cultural-loving party enthusiasts, we can combine our creativity with our commitment to this immensely important treaty. The camp’s atmosphere is infectious. So come to Büchel and enjoy a few warm summer nights with us in the good company of a community passionate about a nuclear weapon free world.

Take a look at the programme

How do I get to Büchel?

Here is some general information on how to get to the air base:
The protest camp will be situated at the main gate of the nuclear base and will be open from dawn to dusk. (Google Maps coordinates 50.184, 7.056)

Arrival by train:
We recommend disembarking at Cochem station. From here you can reach the bus stop Büchel Flugplatz, Alflen by bus line 500 in about 20 minutes.
It is possible to take a bicycle on the bus, as it is equipped with an extra trailer for bikes.
If you are staying at the campsite in Pommern, you can get off the train at Pommern (Mosel) station and walk five minutes to get there. There will be transport arranged from the campsite to the air base at regular intervals.
From here you can take the bus line 500 and get off at Büchel Flugplatz, Alflen. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Soli bus:
This year we have organized a coach, which will travel from Berlin via Hanover and Düsseldorf to Büchel. Please use this bus if you are travelling from these places or if they are near where you live. We ask you to make a donation according to your financial situation. If you want to take the bus please check this on your registration form and register before 21 June. For further information contact: or Tel: 0151-68184369.

Date of departure: 3 July 2020
Departure times:
Berlin-Kreuzberg Oranienplatz Friday 6.30 am
Hanover 10.39 a.m. (location to be confirmed) most likely Leibniz University Hannover, Welfenstraße 1
Düsseldorf 2.00 pm -2.30 pm Location: Düsseldorf – Südpark Park&Ride
Arrival in Büchel on 3 July around 6pm
(Return from Büchel on 7 July 2020, departs at noon)

Cochem: Taxi Cochem| Tel: 02871 808
Faid: OVEM Omnibusverkehr Eifel-Mosel| Tel: 0261 984610
Ulmen: Radio taxi three| Tel: 02676 230

Where can I sleep?

You can choose to sleep in your own tent or cuddle up with others in the community tent. Or would you rather have your own bed after a day of protest?

Campsite Pommern (incl. restaurant)
This campsite is located in the Moselle valley, with direct access to the Moselle, restaurant and swimming pool. There is room for up to 40 people in individual tents at the campsite and room for a further in the common tent. We ask you to make a contribution towards expenses according to your financial situation. The campsite is about 22 km from our protest camp and is a five minute walk from the Pommern (Mosel) train station.
Arrival by car, train or with Soli Bus possible.

There are no more places available on the campsite.

It is also possible to sleep in a bed. For this we have limited space in the Kulturtransistor meeting house in Kail. Those who want a more comfortable place to sleep should take a look at the list below. If you need help finding suitable accommodation, please contact Ernst-Ludwig Iskenius: 015168184369 or ask at the infopoint.

KulturTransistor e.V.
Kail is a meeting house, which is located about 20 km from the air base. This takes about 25 minutes to reach by car. The distance to the Pommern campsite is 5 km. The solibus runs twice a day between Kail, Pommern and the air base (in the morning and evening). Beds for 20 people in shared rooms are available and we ask you to pay a contribution towards expenses according to your financial situation.
If you are arriving without your own transport, please contact us for help getting to and from Kail as public transport is not recommended.

There is only one bed left at this house, please contact Ernst-Ludwig Iskenius: 015168184369 or ask at the infopoint.

Hotel Wilhelmshöhe (incl. restaurant)
The Hotel is located in Auderath and is about 3 kms from the camp.
Access by bus: line 500, bus stop Alflen Waldschenke or Auderath im Oberflur, around 600 meters by foot.

Hotel Restaurant Bürgerstube (incl. restaurant)
The hotel is in Ulmen, and besides restaurants there also are many different shops (Aldi, Lidl, Norma, Edeka, Pharmacies, etc.). It is around 7kms from the camp.
Access by bus: line 500, bus stop Bahnhof Ulmen, around 150 meters by foot.

Pension Eckerskorn-Cochem/Mosel
This hotel is in Cochem and is around 16 kms from our camp.
Access by bus: line 500, bus stop Cochem Bahnhof, around 1km by foot.
In the surrounding area there are several shops (Penny, Rewe) and additionally there are several restaurants and shops by Cochem Endertplatz bus station.

Moseltal Youth Hostel Cochem
This youth hostel is in Cochem and is about 18 kms from our camp.
Access by bus: line 500, bus stop Cochem Bahnhof, around 800 meters by foot.
Shop and restaurant opportunities are similar to the ones mentioned for the previous Pension.

Pension Igelmund (incl. restaurant)
The pension is located in Grevenich / Eifel, near Cochem on the Moselle. Due to the coronavirus measures there are 10 places available in this pension. The rooms are equipped with shower, WC and TV. The pension is about seven kilometres away from our action camp.
Arriving by car possible, about 10 minutes drive to the base.

How can I look after myself?

What food or drinks are going to be provided? Do I need to bring specific items or wear special clothing? Where in the area can I shop? Here is some more information:

Participants will be provided with meals by the camp kitchen throughout. Warm meals will be exclusively vegan. For breakfast there will be vegetarian alternatives. If you have food allergies or intolerances, we suggest that you tell our cooks so that an alternative can be provided for you.

Meals will be free for participants, but we kindly ask you for a donation and/or to help out in meal preparation on site.

Besides this, there is a variety of shops, bakeries and restaurants located in villages in the surrounding area. These can be reached by taking the line 500 bus.

During the evenings it can get quite chilly on the Eifel plateau, so we suggest that you bring some warm clothes, rain gear and sturdy shoes. We also suggest that you bring sunscreen for the daytime.

We also suggest packing the following camping essentials: sleeping bag, wool blanket, sleeping mat and a hot water bottle. Additionally you should bring something for sitting on the ground, your own water bottle and personal ID (sometimes there are police checks). You might also consider bringing: organic soap, a musical instrument, more sun protection, insect repellent and gear for heavy rain. Please also bring a mask and disinfectant.